About Us

Vision and Mission

We hope for all students in SJC to be provided with adequate support in all areas of growth, no matter it be academic, mental or social, so that students can be nurtured healthily into responsible and morally upright personalities with a strong mind to overcome challenges and retain their core values they have grown up in.

Our mission is to support Josephians in areas of academic, moral and health development. Our mission is achieved when Josephians (i) acquire healthy dietary habits and possess awareness about personal hygiene; (ii) are engaged and active in studying with a positive learning attitude; and (iii) are loving and caring and possess correct moral values.

What We Do

Executive Committee

Norman Ching Hin Pyrrhus

5F (19)

Tang Chun Yin

5F (21)
Vice-President (Academics)

Cheang Siu Lun

5B (05)
Vice-President (Value)

Chan Ho Tak

4F (04)
Vice-President (Value)

Zhu Runze

5B (28)
Vice-President (Health)

Yuan Kun Lin

5F (27)
Vice-President (Design)

Lau King Lung

4F (13)

Ho Lai Kan

5D (11)
Fincancial Secretary


The VEAPT is a rapidly expanding functional team with diverse operations. To better cater to its growth, work was started on an official website in 2020, with it concluding in January 2021. The VEAPT would like to express the deepest gratitude to the project leaders and consultants, which without them the website would have never materialised.

Project leaders

S4F LI Yiu Kwong

(External Secretary, 2020-2021)

S6F MUI Oscar Lok Tim

(General Secretary, 2019-2020)

Project consultants

S3E YUE Ming Fung Bernard

(Internal Secretary, 2020-2021)

S4F FUNG Pak Chuen

(Executive Secretary, 2020-2021)

S4F LAU King Lung

(Secretary-General, 2020-2021)

S4F TAM King Tin Justin

(Assistant Vice-President (Academics), 2020-2021)

S5F HUI Chun Tak Chezkel

(Executive Secretary, 2020-2021)

S5F NORMAN Ching Hin Pyrrhus

(President, 2020-2021)


(President, 2019-2020)

S6F WONG Jack Ronald

(Vice-President (Design), 2019-2020)